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Google Top Ranking​

Google Top Ranking basically refers to the rank of your website or business on the first page of Google. All web admins have one goal: to come to the first page of Google. Because online, you can have a business or website selling various services or products. But if you can’t find yourself after a Google search, all your efforts are in vain. So if you want to reach your targeted goals, you must be in Google’s top ranking. Keep reading; we will give you details and be ready to provide the best service.

Google Top Ranking Service​

How Does Google Work For Ranking?

Google is the world’s largest search engine, and according to Internet Live statistics, more than 8.5 billion searches are performed daily. So our first target is to rank in Google. And Google 90% of this ranking depends on search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO optimization, you can never rank because all your competitors depend on SEO to stay in Google Top Ranking. The texts below will describe it to you:

Keywork Research

We use keywords for searching. So the first step for Google top ranking is to research a niche-relevant perfect keyword. At Inotlika, we do keyword research for you that has low competition, good search volume, and will increase in future search volume. By selecting the right keywords, we ensure 40% work for ranking. Moreover, without proper keyword research, ranking is not possible.

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On-Page SEO

Without on-page SEO, it is not possible to rank other search engines, including Google. Because, By on-page SEO, a web page is optimized by keywords so that the search engine can easily understand your keywords, and if anyone searches with that keyword, the search engine can show your website. Our SEO experts publish unique, value-rich content, do proper keyword placement, optimize your slug, heading, and meta description, and use appropriate internal & external links to help your website rank faster. On-page SEO takes up 30% of the work for ranking.

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Technical SEO

Optimization is done at the back end of your website through Technical SEO. This makes it easier for search engines to find out about your website. Improving your page speed, creating sitemap and robots.txt files, and fixing various website errors make it easier for search engines to crawl your website. When you can make the search engines happy, your rankings will also improve quickly! Technical SEO takes up 20% of the work for Google Top ranking.

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The main element of your web page is the content. If the content is unique, accurate information and the quality and structure of the writing are not correct, then no matter how much SEO you do, your rank will never be possible. And in addition to this, Google's updates must also be followed. All search engines always focus on web content and rank it. So choose us for Google top ranking! Our content writers write creative, experienced, and SEO-optimized content and follow every Google update to ensure the best output.

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Off-Page SEO

After completing all the previous things, you should focus on off-page optimization to establish your brand credibility and increase online exposure. If your keywords are competitive, then you must continue with off-page SEO to stay in Google top ranking. Otherwise, you will fall behind! Join Intolika to improve and profit your business. Our "Team Intolika" is very popular and a massive team full of skills. We use proper links and relevant backlinks, social media marketing, link building, guest posts, etc., and various methods.

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The most important thing is to analyze your website and competitors. To stay in Google top ranking, you must constantly keep an eye on your competitors and keep your site error-free and in a good performance. We collect and analyze all your business data and follow Google's updates to determine the factors affecting your digital presence. We solve your problems by in-depth audit and analysis of your and competitors' sites. We look at your historical traffic patterns, site technical issues, competitors' backlink strategies, and link-building strategies. Then We use the analysis results to create the best approach for your SEO.

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Here we have tried to explain the percentages through this chart. However, the rates are not always the same for all sites or keywords. Their shares change depending on the keywords. Because they entirely depend on each other, SEO work will not be complete if anyone is left out.

What Are The Top Ranking Factors For Google?

More than 200 ranking factors help google determine your search engine rank. We have already discussed the primary top 6 of them. You must know to top ranking factor to make the best decisions for your website. Here is some discussion on the other factor that also affects your rank.

Search Intent

When your target audience searches Google for their interest, you should know searches are different. You must know the "why" behind the query and write a perfect article answering that "why." If you search Google for the best WordPress theme, you will see search results that match best with your intent. If you search for the best ice cream recipe, Google will give you results that explain how to make ice cream the best.
You should know they are looking for basic information about your products, for tutorials like articles to learn, or are ready to make a purchase. Our content writers first understand the content intent before writing excellent content.

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Speed Optimization

Website speed is one of the most prominent conditions to rank higher in Google search engine results. In 2021, Google added site speed as a core web vital. Core web vitals are the factor that tells Google about what your user is experiencing on your site (UX). Now, your goal is not only to beat your competitors with stuff on your site end. You must ensure your site load faster than your competitors on the user end. You must know these to get the best out of Google Top ranking factors.

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Mobile Friendly Website

In today's internet, most internet users browse using mobile browsers. Thus, you must provide special attention to the site's mobile-friendly design. In 2019, Google went mobile-first indexing. Therefore, having a google responsive design will put you at an advantage over your competitors. It would be best if you give your focused on image optimization.

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HTTPS has been a ranking signal for Google since 2014. Today, most website on the internet uses HTTPS, and the sites that do not, you rarely find them on the first page. Using SSL with your domain, your users can communicate safely through a secure tunnel and transfer any data securely. HTTPS prevents your users from becoming vulnerable to Man In Middle attacks.

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User Experience

Google wants to present the best user experience to its users. So, sites that deliver it most get a higher ranking. How does Google determine the best user experience? Here is how,

Bounce rate: Having a higher page bounce rate is not reasonable. It refers to the number of people who clicked in search results that bring them to your page and hit back to leave your page. It indicates that your site is delivering a poor user experience. 

CTR: CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It means the rate of people who clicked on your link on the search result page. A higher CTR is best for you.

Dwell time: It means the time user spends on your page. Higher dwell time (session duration) indicates a good user experience.

Please note that all these criteria can be updated with google algorithm updates, but Google top ranking factors are almost always the same. So, you must know the updates to get the best out of your search engine optimization. Luckily we are here to cover for you. With our service, you can stay calm, and we will do the rest of the SEO works for you. We are always synchronized with Google updates. Our expert hands can solve any technical issues during the process.

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How Google Ranking Algorithm Work?

Google relies on various factors and signals to ensure the best search results. Also, Google first finds the meaning of the users’ query. Then Google finds related content that may contain the results that you are looking for in your results. This process is known as finding the relevance of contents.
After finding relevance, Google looks for content quality. It prioritizes results that have the best content quality. Here your page gets ranked for the query. Then the useability of the contents comes to play. When the quality is the same, then the page which is more accessible comes first. So, you should design and develop your site from an experienced company like ours.

How Google Ranking Algorithm Work

Why Should You Choose Us For Ranking?

We focused on your productivity

Everyone needs the best productivity out of their project. Thus, we strictly maintain some protocols to boost our customer’s productivity.

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We maintain dedicated team

We have implemented a dedicated team for every branch of our service: We offer different services to our customers. For this reason, we maintain a separate team of experts for each type of project. Hence, you will get well-analyzed and done delivery from us.

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We offer 100% output of your order

We never left your project incomplete. So, we can assure you of the completeness of your order. We know how to provide you best value for money experience. You will be amazed by our working process and speed.

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We have problem solvers

Our team is formed using excellent problem solvers who are experts in their fields: Problems are everywhere, but problem solvers are limited. We have teamed up with excellent problem solvers in each department who can solve and generate beautiful ideas to work around your project.

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We are updated

We are updated with every google algorithm update. Thus, we know how to design, develop and create for you to place your site on top. This is one of the most important things you have to know about a company. Because, sometimes, Google update changes the game. Sometimes, other companies use blackhat ways that get banned when google releases its new update. We always do our work in the best way. So, we can assure you of sustainability.

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Regular Report

We offer progress reports of our work on a weekly and monthly basis. So, you will know what we are doing. Using these progress reports, you can also enhance your ideas.

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We are patient

We carefully listen to and understand your order requirements, so you will never be disappointed with our services. Because, to maximize our outputs, we must do what you want. We are not like others. We care about you and your opinions.

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Google Top Rankings FAQs

The abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is well known as SEO. Optimization is the foundation of all SEO practices. Once your brand presence (website, content, and social media platforms) is optimized across the Internet, your online visibility increases exponentially. Your website pages will then find their way to Google top rankings, and online customers will see your business faster when they search for it.

SEO is the best way to change your online presence, especially your website, making it more attractive and acceptable to search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines crawl (or scan) your website to understand what it is all about. Best SEO practices ensure that your website is easy for search engines to understand.
SEO is a process that increases the amount of organic website traffic and the quality of visitors to your site at no extra cost. It does not include any paid promotion or placement, and it excludes direct traffic and increases organic traffic. By applying a strong SEO strategy to your website, Google will mark it as an authority site and include it in Google top rankings.

Yes, SEO is much better than paid advertising. Because by spending money you will get good results as long as you advertise and when you run out of money and advertising you will be back to the previous position. But if you are in Google top ranking through SEO, you will get more profit from advertisement and long-lasting results.

On-page and technical SEO does not take much time. But to get results in SERPs, it totally depends on your goals, keyword difficulty, off-page SEO, and promotion strategy. After completing the work in SEO, the results are not available immediately, and you have to wait for some time. But SEO experts estimate four to six months to get results in Google top ranking. Remember, SEO is a long-time process and strategy to get long-term results!

Yes, in SEO, you will get the best results from everything. With the promotion, you will get traffic for a fixed period of time, but when your promotion or money ends, you will not get any more traffic! But by SEO, you will get Google top ranking, and you will get traffic according to your keyword volume and more profit, which is long-term.

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