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Kim-A. Wlliams

"Intolikas Performance is very High Quality"


Organic Traffic


New Clients

Intolika’s marketing service is excellent. All my work, design, and website, are done beautifully. I’m getting it the way I want it. Added +664% new clients worldwide. Thanks and best wishes.


"The Results Speak for Themselves"


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Using SEO and PPC, Intolika increased overall traffic to The Dana-Farber website by +754% and was able to treat more than +470% of new cancer patients. Heartfelt thanks to all the establishment of Intolika.

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Mack Keyvani

Entrepreneurial Product Manager

"Amazing results in Marketing"

“Intolika’s promotion, I got terrific results. Their expertise in all social media marketing, PPC, SEM & other ads is unimaginable. All SEO issues are resolved very quickly, including fixing our Google Merchant. intolika is Honest, straightforward, and reliable, and you can count on them.”


Michael Smith

Digital product Seller

"Their service is incredible"

“They have helped us grow our business. We are getting better than we wanted. Their every work is extraordinary, perfect. We were able to promote our business globally with the help of Intolika. Every day we are getting new customers and moving towards our goal. Thanks, Intolika.”

Anikur Asif Owner of Itshopus

Anikur Asif

Business Owner at ITSHOPUS

"Excellent experience in SEO"

“Not everyone can complete SEO projects well. Intolika’s SEO service is magic. SEO of my “itshopus” website has done very well. It has ranked, and traffic is increasing & improving. I am getting many customers. I am lucky with Intolika’s service. You can rely on them & take services.”


Lesley Michelle

EFT Specialist

"Matchless Customer Support"

“Great experience working with Team Intolika! They have a lot of interest in the work they do. Their support for business development and any problem is unmatched. We are the biggest example of that. Good luck to Intolika & we look forward to a long-lasting and prosperous relationship!”


Le Rommel

Pilates Specialist & Health Coach

"Work experience is excellent"

“Their work experience is truly pathetical. They complete all our projects beautifully and smoothly. Their comprehension ability is excellent, and they easily get the job done. Intolika is very efficient in design, attractiveness, lovely, and marketing. We are constantly moving towards improvement. Thanks, Intolika”

Wiki Shanto

Wiki Shanto


"Intolika is a Great Agency"

“codespva is a massive website of mine. Everything on this site is made from intolika. I am amazed by all the planning of their website and product design, article writing, keyword research, SEO, etc. Their work is perfect, reliable, and meticulous, and they can work quickly. The site has ranked & I am profiting.”

Why Select Intolika For Your​

Digital Marketing Agency?​

Intolika is a reputed digital marketing agency and IT center. We have been providing many services to clients from all industries with excellent reputations, and they are delighted. At Intolika, you will get all digital marketing services with 100% guarantee. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword research, all types of web design and development, all social media marketing, professional content writing services with SEO, SEM, Pay per click (PPC), Google Shopping Ads, and Google Merchant Fix. All graphic design services are provided on our service page. All our services are led by our expert team (Team Intolika), providing marketing strategies and advice. Don’t just look at digital marketing agencies and work with them; work with an agency you can trust!

Success comes in planned work

You may have an online business or website. But it will never be profitable if customers can’t find your business in search engines. To ensure customers can find your website in search engines, we can take your online presence to the next level. We provide solutions for your website design, keyword research, article writing, SEO, social media presence, and more. We give you various suggestions for improvement. We can help you to achieve your goals by working with you.

Here are the reasons why:

Digital Marketing

We Have Vindicated Results

Why would you work with an SEO agency that cannot provide you with the right services to achieve your goals? Stop throwing away your time and hard-earned money in places that don't get results. Intolika takes the time to listen and understand your goals and needs and researches to create an optimized strategy to meet your goals and deliver exemplary service.

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We Are Honest & Moral

Intolika is honest, works with integrity, and maintains its reputation by providing good services to clients. We never offer services that do not bring any benefit to you. We always use our time to serve you good services, higher ranking, increased traffic, and higher ROI for our clients.

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We Know Digital Marketing

Working with a digital marketing agency aims to achieve everyone's goals, but unfortunately, many agencies fail to deliver positive results and do not prioritize good service. Intolika is an experienced company. We first develop a strategy for each of our clients and execute it according to that plan. Our clients are satisfied with all services, including our online marketing, design, and SEO services.

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We Have Expert Teams

All the staff of Team Intolika is experts. As you know, Intolika is not only a marketing agency but also an IT center. All our service providers are highly experienced, and our project managers are our IT trainers, who plan and handle the client's projects accordingly. We discuss each client's work in detail, try to understand, and fulfill their requirements, then our project manager researches them, and consequently, strategies are made. Our experts start working according to the plan and help to achieve our client's goals.

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Our Digital Marketing Expertise

E-commerce business

We can help you in all aspects of the e-commerce business. We provide all kinds of services, including website creation, keyword research, article writing, image, SEO, shopping ads and social media marketing, etc. Also, we provide various strategies to improve your business.


By selecting keywords through proper keyword research and practicing white hat SEO, we can help you achieve higher search engine rankings.


Among the millions of websites on the internet, you want your website to stand out from the rest and be incredible. All our web designers & developers are creative, and they create mobile-friendly & excellent websites which help your organization grow.

Social Media Marketing - SMM

Social media marketing helps you reach your target audience and connect with them. Our marketing experts help you grow your business and help you work independently. Also, we support you in various ways for any need.

Keyword Research

Our team does keyword research in 4-5 ways and uses different tools, including SEMrush and Ahrefs. After keyword research, we use our experience to find the exact result of the keyword and select the keyword which gives you a fast rank and results.

Content Writing

Our content writers are creative and experienced and know how to write content that matters. They write SEO-optimized content and follow every Google update to ensure the best output.

Logo Design

The core of branding is the logo, which makes it easy for everyone to identify your business or who you are. Gorgeous logos carry the reputation of a company. Our creatives design perfect & excellent logos for you.

Backlinks Service

Quality-full authority backlinks help your website rank faster. From us, you will get relevant and high-authority guest posts according to your niche through appropriate anchor text, which will help your website rank quickly.

Google Merchant Center Fix

We will Set up a verified google merchant center and correctly make Products Feed, Products Activations, Shopping Ads, etc. Moreover, if your merchant center is suspended or there is any other issue, we will solve it.


Digital Marketing Agency

We are Intolika, a web design, SEO, digital marketing, and graphic design agency delivering services with 100% outcome of our customer’s plans. We are passionate about our job and can help you grow your business using the internet.

For any needs for your business or personal use, Intolika is here to cover your back. We offer you different services in 4 different categories. We handle everything from designing your website to making it online and then doing the best SEO practices for your site. We work to ensure Google Top Ranking and the Best on-page SEO for your site. Our designed website can deliver maximum positive user experience from your site. We have a team of experts from around the world. They are assigned to their dedicated job. Thus we can give you quality work. We believe a business combines managers, employees, and customers. So we do not only hire our employees for their experience but also their personalities so that they can bring satisfaction to our customers.

We will be happy to give you our unique services. Contact us if you have a project that needs the best web design, graphics content, digital marketing, and SEO services.

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Our Project Managers

Web Alamgir



ALAMGIR HOSSAIN - An experienced professional Web Developer. He is capable of creating all types of websites and can make your website as you want. He maintains all Intolika's web Design or Development projects and communicates with clients.




Sharif Hasan - A content writer, who writes content in the quality first approach. He follows every Google algorithm update and focuses on NLP words. He is hardworking and friendly. He handles all content writing projects of Intolika and communicates with clients.




Sajjad Hussain - An experienced professional SEO expert and consultant and CEO of Intolika. He does every job of SEO in a well-planned manner and gives various suggestions to benefit the clients. He personally maintains all of Intolika's SEO projects and communicates with clients.

Digital Marketer



ASHIKUR RAHMAN is a professional digital marketer. He completes all digital marketing tasks with experience using new marketing techniques. He advises clients on business development and maintains all digital marketing projects of Intolika & communicates with clients.




MAC ARMAN - A creative and professional graphic designer. He makes Amazing and Incredible designs and is capable of any design. You can make any design as per your requirement by him. He maintains all Graphic Design projects of Intolika and communicates with clients.

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