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What is Technical SEO & Why it is Important?

Technical SEO services

One of the 3 main categories of SEO is Technical SEO. It is a matter between the search engine and the website. Technical SEO is about ensuring that your website complies with search engine guidelines so that search engine crawlers can crawl and index your website without any problems. 

According to “Mill For Business” the total number of websites worldwide increases by 547,200 every 24 hours,” so “more than 380 websites are created every minute.”
Then it can be assumed that your website is also included in it. And every new website is crawled by search engines. And this is done and the index is confirmed, all the websites that have technical SEO done. And if your website cannot be crawled and indexed by search engines, then you will never be able to reach your goal. So it is mandatory to optimize the technical SEO of your website.

Our team Intolika is always ready for the best Technical SEO services for your website.

Best Practices of Technical SEO

Search Engine Verification

You have to verify your website first in the search engine in which you want to bring your website rank. Because through this your website is made known to him and he adds your website to his algorithm. Which helps you take it to the next level

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Search Impressions

An XML sitemap is a file of your website that lists the essential pages of your site, which Google can easily find and crawl and understand the structure of your website. And this XML sitemap is to be added to the search engine.

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Robots.txt file

Robots.txt File is an instruction for search engine bots. This is the most important aspect of a website for search engines. By this, you give permission to search engines to crawl your website. Google or other search engine crawlers enter and crawl your website as a result of this file. And the sitemap is also added here. Moreover, through this, you can here allow any of your pages to be crawled and block them if you want.

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Website Structure

Website Structure, it is also called site architecture, means how a page of the website is connected to other pages or other things. The content, image, video, writing beauty, and style of the webpage are fixing and internal links are done. So that visitors can enjoy it. There are many problems in indexing if the website structure is not right.

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Mobile Usability

Mobile Usability is the most important for every website now. Because in today's world, most searches are done by mobile. So if the traffic can't browse your website with their mobile, they will not stay on your site, and you will lose ranking. Moreover, Google does not evaluate mobile-unfriendly websites.

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Page Speed

Without Page Speed, everyone gets bored and leaves that website. As a result, the bounce rate increases and the website loses its ranking position. So if your site is slow then it is important to fix it now.

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Crawl Error Fix

When you add something new to your website, search engine crawlers come to crawl your new content. But if the search engine bot comes to your website and cannot crawl, then it is called Crawl Error. This happens due to various reasons which are also called crawl issues or technical issues. This problem should be found quickly and crawl errors should be fixed. Otherwise, your new content will never be indexed.

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URL Indexing

The first condition for your website or webpage to rank is to find that page on Google, which is called being indexed. If your page is not indexed then you can never hope for ranking. So indexing your webpage URL is mandatory.

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Fix Broken Links

A website can have many broken links so it is important to find and fix them quickly. Because broken links disrupt SEO and search engine crawlers have trouble crawling which causes problems in indexing.

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Canonical URL

A webpage can have several duplicate URLs. All of which Google will not index. Among them, the original URL is the Canonical URL. So before publishing the post, you have to manually select the canonical URL. Google chooses it as the Original URL.

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Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the content that is duplicated or exactly copied on your site or the content of another site is copied on your site. It can be your site's title tag, description, content, or whatever. Which leads to copyright claims and Google never likes it. As a result, your website may get penalized. So fixing it is inevitable.

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SSL Certificate

SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is a digital certificate that carries the authenticity and identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection.

Companies and organizations need to add SSL certificates to their websites to keep online transactions secure and to keep customer information private and secure. If you don't have it on your site we can help you do it.

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Competitor Analysis

Without analysis of your competitors, you can never beat them. Many agencies do not do this and fail to achieve the client’s goals. You need to know about competitors’ articles, their strategy, and how strong their backlinks profile is. Find out why they are ranked. Also, Find out they missed some things which that were important.

Our “Team Intolika” does deeply competitor analysis before starting work. We Find out competitors’ article gaps, keyword gaps, backlinks gaps, and why they rank. Then we fill those gaps and start working through a great strategy and help customers achieve their goals.

Backlink Analysis


Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO in terms of website ranking. A website gains the first stage of ranking depending on good backlinks in terms of competition. Our team analyzes competitors’ backlinks and brings you good authority backlinks from relevant sites. Also, we check your old backlinks profile and remove harmful backlinks there. It is important to check your backlinks profile because many times competitors use harmful backlinks to get your site behind. So connect with us we will help you.

Technical SEO Audit​

We conduct an in-depth technical SEO audit to find and resolve technical SEO issues of your website. Using the analysis results, we take all measures to improve your website and increase its ranking on Google. Below we have published a list of technical SEO audits that we perform.


Check SSL Certificate


Robots.txt File Check


Check XML Sitemaps


Check Site FavIcon


Website Speed Check


Check Crawl Issues


Mobile Usability check


Check Broken Links


Backlinks Profile Check


Check Server Error


Check Indexing Issues


Optimize Crawl Budget


Check Duplicate Content


Check Content Readability


Check Redirect Issue


Check Search Engine Friendly URLs

Structured Data Markup

By using schema markup, search engines can better crawl, understand and present your website content to the target audience. So we can help you use Structured Data Markup (schema markup) to improve your website ranking in search engines. Our team can do this job very nicely and perfectly for you.

Speed Optimization​

Website speed is essential for every site because whether you will be ranked or not depends a lot on your website speed. If your site is ranking and a visitor comes to your website and sees that your site is loading or not opening due to slowness, then that visitor is no longer on your site. This makes the visitors feel annoyed and due to this these sites are no longer ranked by search engines.

Our technical SEO experts can help you solve this problem. We can improve your site speed.

Google Indexing Issue

At present, the index has become a big problem because it does not want to be easily indexed. With the passage of time, search engines are bringing new updates, especially Google, and indexing problems are also increasing. And you know why or how important it is to be indexed. Our team is able to solve these indexing problems perfectly. So contact us now to solve your indexing problem.



Maybe you have previously worked with an agency that did black hat technical SEO, or one of your competitors did black hat SEO to outrank your site causing your website to be penalized by Google. And you are constantly losing. We can identify which types of penalties have affected your website by using Search Console and analyzing your site. And can help you recover from the PENALTY.

Benefits of Technical SEO

Get Organic Traffic

Technical SEO helps to increase the organic traffic of your website. Performing the tasks in a technical way will also rank relevant keywords with your main keywords which brings more visitors to your website and improves your site's search engine ranking. You can measure the impact of our technical SEO optimization through Google Analytics, where Google provides detailed data about your traffic sources.

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User Experience

Technical SEO not only keeps you in good standing with search engines, but it also benefits your customers in a big way. High-performance, fast, responsive, and error-free websites create a better user experience for visitors coming from Google and Bing or other search engines. As a result, visitors stay longer on your website thus increasing your income and affecting ROI. Although many of us think of it as technical SEO for search engines, not only that, it also affects how users interact with your content.

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Get Increased Clicks

Technical SEO helps search engines to understand your website content in depth, thereby making it more visible to tens of thousands and driving traffic to your website. Relevant keywords of your keywords also show in search engine ranking and you get lots of clicks from there.

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Rich Snippets In Search Results

Rich snippets are eye-catching thus it can grab more visitors to your website. Google gets rich snippets of data from the schema markup from your site’s HTML. Also, google analysis your site’s structure to get data for rich snippets. So, the main benefit of Rich Snippets is an increased click-through rate.

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Reduce the cost of SEO

Technical SEO helps to reduce your cost of SEO. With good technical SEO, your content will be able to give its full potential to help your overall SEO. With us, you can get technical SEO services at an affordable cost.

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We Give You The Best Technical SEO Services

We can give you the best technical service to meet your demand. Our team has years of experience, and we know how google’s ranking algorithm works. Dedication and knowledge is the key to success in search engine optimization. We always ensure these necessary criteria among your team members. We always stay updated with Google’s algorithm updates and proceed with our workflow accordingly.

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